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8. In early results, Chris Bunker, an auditor, held a slim lead over Rhonda Shader, an insurance agent, for third place. But they then swapped places and Shader maintained her lead over Bunker after the Orange County Registrar of Voters tallied all of the mail-in and provisional ballots for Placentia. As of Wednesday, Shader had 6,071 votes to Chris Bunkers 5,869. Yamaguchi had 7,740 votes and Smith had 7,700. Bunker said the election process has been an exciting learning experience and its evident Placentia residents care about how the city is managed. Although see post it seems unlikely I’ll serve on City Council, I wish Rhonda Shader, Ward Smith and Jeremy Yamaguchi the best of luck as they deal with the issues facing the city, Bunker said. I’m confident Placentia residents will continue to voice their concerns to the City Council. Trailing behind the front four are Thomas M. Solomonson, Kevin Kirwin, Robert McKinnell, Fabian O. Fragiao and Blake Montero.

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